Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rationale for the "BlizzyBody" Project

Rationale for Project:

The reason for design and development of the “BlizzBody”, an electric blanket powered by piezoelectric charging, is to aid blizzard victims and any and all people who suffer from hypothermia and sever cold conditions in China during winter peaks (as well as any part of the world, for that matter).  In recent years, central and southern regions of these Chinese mainland have experienced increased winter weather activity, including heavy snowstorms and blizzards.  In urban areas near the south such as Guizhou and even Guangdong, electrical outages during blizzards and snowstorms can last up to even two to three weeks, meaning families must find a way to heat themselves and stay warm—without electrical outlets.  Almost everything that people use in modern society to heat themselves tends to be something that relies on electricity through outlets, but what happens when a family is snowed in (unable to leave the home and stranded with what supplies they have) and without electricity for extended periods of time?  Though they are indoors, the fierce wintery weather is too much for ordinary households to insulate long-term against (especially in Guangdong where heavy snow is a rare sight, though increasingly common in recent years due to Chinese government weather alterations via weather rocket dispersals).
            This is where the “BlizzyBody” comes in.  It relies on the piezoelectric effect, converting pressure from human input—such as squeezing a hand actuator or pressing down on a foot pedal—into electrical current.  “BlizzyBody”, a blanket measuring 1.5 meters by 1.12 meters, is an electric blanket with an interior lining of MPET (metallized polyethylene terephthalate), much like “space blankets”, that insulates body heat.  But where the “BlizzBody” improves upon competitor products is it allows you not only to insulate but also to generate heat…sometimes insulation on its own just isn’t enough.  Another main strength is that it comes with two actuators, either of which can be used by hand or foot, so that families can share the blanket together—while sharing body heat under the blanket—and charge it even faster.  This is designed ideally for those in urban Chinese areas affected by snowstorms and blizzards who are without electricity for extended periods of time, though it could be marketed towards any part of the world with similar winter woes.

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