Friday, 15 April 2011

Comments on Peer Projects

As a final input on this project, I'd like to provide some links to some awesome projects by my classmates!  I left some comments on their individual blog pages, as well, but you should definitely see all the great work that my peers have generated!

Marco Tallarida:
Jen Jun Zhu:
Gleb Labazine:
Nicholas Baroni:
Alfred Boyadgis:

I attempted to post a comment on Alfred's blog, but I had technical difficulties and the site would not allow for it for some reason.  So, here's my intended comment, and you should still check out his great work:
"Alfred, your final model is simply amazing!  I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of seeing such a large-scale model with such fine craft and detail.  Your orthographic drawings are extremely detailed as well--very nice work.  The one thing I wish I could see more of is your process mock-ups and sketches along the way--you did all this work over the 7 weeks and you should show if off so that people can see what you designed along the way and where the design changes happened, so that we can understand even better.  Great project overall, though!"

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