Monday, 11 April 2011

Sketch Models

These are just a few of the sketch models that I've created for testing my ideas physically.  For a hand actuator for the electric blanket I'm designing, my first idea was to make something that you can squeeze, kind of like a balloon shape.  Sadly, I've realized that this probably would not work in a real situation, as the piezoelectric effect requires a more rigid material--the more rigid and more difficult it is to physically move the material, the more energy the piezo wires/film will create.  I'm thinking now more along the lines of exercise grips, a hand-held hole-puncher I found, and related objects for inspiration.  Other ideas that I tested in my models thus far are the option to have a removable cord/plug from the hand-actuator, a hand strap that you can wear so that you don't even have to exert any effort in holding the actuator, and different holding positions that are decided by the size and shape of the actuator.  I made several sizes and shapes of potential actuators out of green floral foam, putting emphasis in my testing on ergonomics of comfortably holding the form in the palm of your hand.

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