Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Final Poster for "BlizzyBody"


  1. looks like an interesting product but wouldn't it be expensive in comparison to a normal thermal blanket that they currently use. If they don't actually do the job well enough then i like that you have created something that can heat itself without an outside energy source

  2. Nice solution to the problem, it's good to see that you really thought about it and researched thoroughly. As for the design, maybe you could have looked at some sort of fastener (if there is one I couldn't see it?) like a velcro strap for people to wrap it around themselves and close. Otherwise, good work!

  3. I really admire your sketching skill. I browsed your sketch book in that presentation day. That's amazing!
    It is good you researched a lot on the Chinese background, materials and technologies and also you've got a brilliant idea to take the electrical outages situation into account and designed a product that is not only for individual use but also the whole family can share it.
    This product seems need to rely on many components, if one part is broken, will it like a normal blanket? And do people need to be taught to use this product before? Maybe it's better to put an instruction lable on your product.
    The overall is GREAT! Get on it.

  4. Very interesting idea, I like that the victims would also be kept warm through the movement in pressing the lever. Maybe there could be a variation on this product with sleeves for arms and legs, kinda like a 'snuggie'.

  5. I like your sketches.
    It seems like a more complex variation of a thermal blanket but is quite interesting like that, perhaps something that could be of consideration would be some sort of way to keep the person snuggly fit inside...or something