Monday, 30 May 2011

Heaps of Process Models

The next step in our project was to create some rough prototypes and process models, based off of all of our research.  We narrowed our scope down to just mobile devices that assist nurses with information technology and communication, since this will target the issues of paper being EVERYWHERE, cluttering the nurse's station, as well as nurses having to duplicate observation notes by hand, search for missing patient files that have "walked away" thanks to another nurse or doctor, and etc.  These mobile devices are intended to be able to connect to the main EMR (Electronic Medical Record) via the computer at the main nursing station, and nurses can use the device (in whatever form it takes) to write notes, upload and download files from the EMR system, and, perhaps most importantly, use the same patient file that another nurse (or multiple nurses and doctors) are using simultaneously.

When designing these rough mock-ups, we explored options that are comfortable to hold, clip on to your shirt, shirt pocket, or belt, or wrap around your wrist.  One of the most important topics in this design phase was to ensure that the device would not be obstructive to the nurse during his/her normal duties, as of course we don't want a bulky wrist device, for example, making it difficult for a nurse to do some necessary task for a patient.

Here are the models we mocked up for testing and user interaction studies:

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