Monday, 30 May 2011

Designing the User Interface of Our "Nurse's Aide"

Just as important as the physical design of the product is how the nurses will use it.  So, my group mates and I have done some research into layouts of user interface systems and we've begun designing the possible user interface that would accompany the wrist device.  Follow the images from top to bottom to follow the progression of use:

The main screen where you log in, power off, etc.

After logging in, you can access patient files or access the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) wirelessly via the main nursing station's computers.

Clicking on "My Patients" will take you to a screen like this.

Within a patient's folder, you can view their general information, doctor in charge, medical history, allergies, prescriptions, and relatives or next of kin.

From within a patient's folder, you can create new documents, add notes and edit existing documents, and save your document once finished.
From the screen shown above, you can choose to edit a file and add new notes and patient observations.
Finally, the user interface also allows you to access the EMR's main system so that you can upload and download patient files wirelessly.  The idea is that, once a file is in the system, the server allows for multiple users to view the same files simultaneously through the EMR if need be.

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