Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Final In-Class Studio Presentation: Juvo, the Nurse's Aide

I've posted below all the slides from our in-class powerpoint presentation on Juvo: the "nurse's aide".  The main thing that I've been trying to stress when describing our product service system is that Juvo, an information wrist device shared amongst all the nurses in a ward, is a product that accompanies and facilitates the service that nurses do for patients, but it is also a product within a system that we (the external company) provide for nurses and patients alike.  While nurses are in charge of utilising Juvo, our enterprise (the external third party delivering this service) is in charge of managing and maintaining the information systems side of it, making sure that the technology keeps working so that the nurses don't have to worry about it.  The only thing that nurses have to worry about is putting the device back on the induction charging pad of the centralised docking bay for the next nurse on duty to use it...and, of course, keeping each device clean (which is made easy for them, since the silicon body straps are very hygienic and don't easily collect dirt or sweat, and the entire device--including the OLED screen--can withstand high sterilisation temperatures).  Our providing company looks after all of the data management, wireless connectivity of the devices, and related things--all around just making sure that the system works, so that the nurses don't have to worry about it.  That has been one of the biggest problems in the current hospital service system that we have identified: nurses are SUPPOSED to be in charge of providing the best patient care possible, but somehow they've been allocated so many other tasks and burdens in terms of organisation and bureaucratic paper-related duties that their ability to look after patients properly is diminished in the process.  Hopefully our product service system, Juvo, will give nurses the tools, ease of mind, and time to look after patients the way they should be able to, free from stress of all these other things that have been piled up on their shoulders.

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